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In addition to short-term counseling services, Healthy Minds, in conjunction with other community organizations, coordinates lifelong services and supports for youth and their families who may need help improving family relationships, addressing academic or behavior issues, providing support around crisis and traumatic events, and more. Each family has unique needs and we seek to meet those needs by providing quality information and services that are client-centered, community-based, flexible, affordable, accessible and responsive to each person’s unique situation. We are committed to positively contributing to the overall mental health stability of communities nationwide.

To meet this goal, we have created a pool of specialized professionals who are more than equipped to handle the unique needs of people in communities and help them lead healthier, happier and more productive lives. By joining our team, you too can make a difference in your own community and positively impact the daily lives of children and their families.


If you are a person with a specialized skill or service looking to impact change in the lives of others, please join us by completing the intake form below. Your community needs you.   

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